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Colors of an Enchanted Night

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Blue Spike Aurora Blue Spike Aurora Mike Taylor

"I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day." -Vincent van Gogh

For astrophotographer Mike Taylor in central Maine, that quote is very true. When most people are fast asleep Mike is out capturing stunning and surreal night sky photos so incredible van Gogh himself would have been in awe. Featuring millions of sparkling stars and vibrant curtains of color, his images look more like a fantasy painting than a photograph. Some say he is lucky because each night he captures something magical; a vivid fireball that appears from nowhere, a captivating aurora dancing with the Milky Way or airglow illuminating the dark sky.

His latest photo taken July 15th(top), he set out to photograph the northern lights at one of his favorite spots, setting up a time lapse on the train tracks by Unity Pond. The familiar green and purple aurora hues were evident but the multiple electric blue spikes seem to be screaming in the sky, leaving him in awe of nature's exquisite performance.

Northern Lights  Milky Way at Pemaquid 2

In March, Mike captured our magnificent Milky Way in a tango with the brilliant curtains of color of the Northern Lights. He said "This is the Northern Lights and part of the Milky Way photographed at Pemaquid Point Light at 5:09 AM March 17, 2013. Shot from the darkest part of the property in an attempt to capture as much detail as possible in the night sky, the building on the right is the Fishermen's Museum at Pemaquid, which is being colored by the strong red and purple hues of the aurora borealis." (pictured above)

The last photo featured (below) is one of Mike's most impressive photos. He was able to capture the Milky Way, green airglow, the Aurora Borealis and a vivid fireball all in one remarkable photo! This was taken at Branch Pond in Palermo, Maine. A closer look reveals magenta/purple and green coloring in the tail of the meteor. No doubt this was a sureal and other worldly experience.


There aren't words enough to describe how beautiful these photos really are but there is a word that seems to describe the awe we may feel when we witness the magic of the night sky:

Yugen /yoo-gehn/ n. (Japanese) - an awareness of the Universe that triggers emotional responses too deep or profound for words.

To see more of Mike Taylor's amazing photos visit his website miketaylorphoto.com and LIKE his Facebook page Taylor Photography.

Do you want to learn how to make images like this? Check out Taylor Photography Workshops for more info.

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